The .TXT to .PDF converter for Windows
5th Dec 1999 Newsflash:
Gymnast 3.5 is now FREEWARE!  Use the
registration key GYM03-35672-11110-33170
and your evaluation copy will become

Gymnast converts text files to Adobe Acrobat PDF format without the need for any additional Adobe software.

Gymnast supports hyperlinks, annotations, and automatic generation of bookmarks from headings.  You can even include links to Web sites and other PDF files!   Use it to publish electronic newsletters, brochures or price lists.  Use it to compile database or spreadsheet reports for distribution to clients or staff.  Use it to distribute readme files with your software.  Produce professional-looking documents for the Web.

Gymnast is extremely powerful yet incredibly easy to use.  Choose a text file, select the options you want then hit "Make PDF" and the job's done.  Download your copy now.

You can download an evaluation copy of Gymnast right now.  The full install version (1.4 MB) includes the VB5 runtime and an installation utility.   If you're upgrading, download the minimum version (60 KB) containing just gymnast.exe and documentation (in PDF and TXT format).

Need the Adobe Acrobat Reader?  Download it free from Adobe's Web site.

Version is 3.5.149.  Requires Windows 9x or NT.  Sorry, product development now ceased.


Gymnast is fast, powerful, and easy to use.  Download your copy today.